Master Dan, Pup Hunter, and Sir Rick are the Directors, Dungeon Masters, and final authorities for Atlanta Dominion. For Atlanta Dominion Club information, concerns, questions, please email us via the link below.



Have My hubby who has become My pigboy extraordinaire, who 60 times a day rocks My world. Have My pup who has filled in some very interesting gaps in My life, and has reminded Me and hubby what pure joy life is. And have a few more kinks and fetishes these two don’t quite fulfill … GROWL!

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Bondage, S/M Top (mostly) with an extensive collection of videos on XTUBE and FETLIFE.   Fully equipped dungeon in Lawrenceville  - Remember: If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

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Membership coordinator, Alpha Pup, Handler, Sadist, and so very, completely innocent.

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A big thank you to Sir Loki for all of his work towards making Atlanta Dominion great.

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