Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dominion?

Dominion is a BDSM play party for men age 21+. We host 60+ men doing all sorts of consensual acts of bondage, sadomasochism, and domination/submission. 

Where is Dominion? 


Is there a membership fee?

Our membership fee is $20 per event to cover the cost of renting our space. Anything above and beyond that goes to charity. 

How do I find someone for a scene? Can I hire a pro-Dom?

We do not allow the sale of sexual acts or BDSM from sex workers at our event. There is no prostitution at this event. Before the rules are read at 2:30, most men are social and that's a great time to line up scenes. When we read the rules, we give everyone a chance to see who the tops, bottoms, and switches are. We are a very friendly group, so feel free to ask for what you want. "You don't ask, you don't get". 

What is appropriate to wear? 

Suggested gear is leather, rubber, sportsgear, uniforms, suits, pup gear, naked, jeans and boots, etc. If if makes you feel sexy, wear it. No one is denied access for not having gear, and it's okay to attend in street clothes. Be careful, the pup at the door will start taking off your clothes if you stay in them too long.

What kinks can I do? Is "edge" play allowed? 

It is more than appropriate to do most kinks at Dominion. Various heavy or edge play activities, such as breath control, fire play, needle play, and knife play are okay if discussed at the event before with an officer. If in doubt, feel free to ask an officer. 

Can I unwind with a drink? 

Alcohol and drugs (including poppers) are not permitted anywhere on the property. Smoking is allowed on the private outdoor patio only.

Are trans men allowed? 

Yes! We welcome all people who express as male. Non-binary or Gender-fluid folks who are wanting to express a masculine side for a day are more than welcome. If you are discriminated against (for any reason) please inform an officer so we can remove any bigot from our group. Transphobes, ageists, and racists are not welcome at Dominion.

How private is it? 

What happens at the Club stays at the Club. No photos allowed. Guests must respect the confidentiality of everyone. Many men have to depend upon our discretion for a variety of reasons. 

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Send me an email. Asking questions makes you look smart, no matter how stupid you think the question is. (Thanks to Jack Rinella especially for this one!)