All responsible and consensual BDSM activities are allowed, however, various “heavy or edge play” activities such as breath control, fire play, needle play, and knife play must be pre-approved and scheduled with the Hosts. These types of “edge” play will be limited to the medical scene room.

Appropriate party attire is:






Jeans and boots

If in doubt, ask! Wear what makes you feel sexy! Be careful, the pup at the door will start taking your clothes off if you sit around in a t-shirt too long.

Alcohol and drugs (including poppers) are not permitted anywhere on the property. Smoking is allowed on the private outdoor patio only.

This is a drama free zone. Any disagreements with the Hosts or Dungeon Monitor should be discussed in a civil manner outside the play space.

1763 is an amazing club with awesome equipment and an incredible staff. Clean up after yourself. Don’t destroy the equipment. Respect the space.

What happens at the Club stays at the Club. Confidentiality MUST be respected for everyone. Many men have to depend upon our discretion for a variety of reasons.

Asking questions makes you look smart, no matter how stupid you think the question is. (Thanks to Jack Rinella especially for this one!)