Master Dan, Pup Hunter, and Sir Rick are the Directors, Dungeon Masters, and final authorities for Atlanta Dominion. For Atlanta Dominion Club information, concerns, questions, please email us!


Master Dan

  • Have My hubby who has become My pigboy extraordinaire, who 60 times a day rocks My world.
  • Have My pup who has filled in some very interesting gaps in My life, and has reminded Me and hubby what pure joy life is.
  • And have a few more kinks and fetishes these two don’t quite fulfill……growl.’




Pup Hunter

Membership coordinator, Alpha Pup, Handler, Sadist, and so very, completely innocent.


June 25 2012 012

Sir Rick

Bondage, s/m (mostly) Top.   You don’t ask, you don’t get….



A big thank you to Sir Loki for all of his work towards making Atlanta Dominion great.